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cactus cooler's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
cactus cooler

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[20 Aug 2005|12:09pm]

hi, i love cactus cooler. too bad they dont have it at fast food places.
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new [11 Mar 2004|04:51pm]

I noticed the 'sodium benzoate' interest in the interests. im not looking at my cc bottle right now, but i know that there is an ingredient 'wood rosin ' in there. thats what makes it good

also. i hate the new bottle/can picture. its all new age and. i hate it
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HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW CAN?! [04 Jun 2003|09:54pm]


trawzartyst & insidemypocket want to know "What are they thinking?!"
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[30 May 2003|06:51am]

i went to register at UH.
and i bought a catus cooler.
i wasin line behind a kid from my school names pat.
my friend alder
noticed the cactus cooler
later in the day
she said "cactus cooler, eh?"
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[28 Apr 2003|02:29pm]

first off: EXCELLENT WORK, MELISSA! people always need a cactus cooler fix en route to austin.

secondly: i sense a problem brewing. they've completely stopped carrying cactus cooler at the kroger on montrose. and then on the kroger on w. gray all they have are 2 liters which look kinda shady. no canz. i think we need to contact the kroger co. and tell them what they're doing wrong.
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spotted : cactus cooler [28 Apr 2003|12:02pm]

Cold, 20 oz. bottles @ a Shell station on the right hand side of the road in Bastrop on your way towards Houston.


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[24 Apr 2003|11:21pm]

my big tugboat: hey what's up?
CAMELPUNK182: *shrugs!*
my big tugboat: what the fuck is that supposed to mean?
CAMELPUNK182: not much is up. sorry i say things you dont understand. its a bad habit
my big tugboat: seriously if you're gonna talk to me make some sense
my big tugboat: yeah so you think mike's hot?
my big tugboat: dude he has a girlfriend. and he totally doesn't put out.
CAMELPUNK182: All I said is he's hot
CAMELPUNK182: I never said I wanted to do anything with him
my big tugboat: yeah well he wants to do stuff with you
CAMELPUNK182: or that I wanted him to put out.
CAMELPUNK182: What kind of stuff
my big tugboat: i dunno. naked stuff, pretty much.
CAMELPUNK182: haha
CAMELPUNK182: So what's up with you?
my big tugboat: fucking nothing. getting ready to play dungeons and dragons. it's whatever
CAMELPUNK182: i love that game
my big tugboat: you really do?! it's so fun mike always makes fun of me because he thinks it's for nerds.
CAMELPUNK182: i play that game like every day
my big tugboat: i'm kidding i don't play it. i think it's totally lame.
CAMELPUNK182: i dont care i love that game
my big tugboat: that's fine i don't care if you like it. like whatever the fuck you want.
CAMELPUNK182: I play star wars computer games and crao
CAMELPUNK182: *crap
my big tugboat: are you camel punk because of camel toes?
my big tugboat: you don't like camel toes?
my big tugboat: KAMEL TOEZ
CAMELPUNK182: That's just not why everyone calls me camel
CAMELPUNK182: So what about being a tugboat captain
my big tugboat: so you do like them?
CAMELPUNK182: ive never had a cameltoe
my big tugboat: i bet you have. i bet you fucking anything that you have.
CAMELPUNK182: Okay think what you want to.
my big tugboat: i am. kamel toez.
CAMELPUNK182: Right...
CAMELPUNK182: So as I asked before, what about being a tugboat captain?
my big tugboat: what about it?
my big tugboat: my dad was a tugboat captain
my big tugboat: and he went crazy and went out to see forever
my big tugboat: and no one has ever seen him since
my big tugboat: who the fuck do you think you are?
CAMELPUNK182: You use the word and different forms of fuck entirely too much. Maybe you should try using another one?
my big tugboat: what the fuck? maybe you should try minding your own fucking business.
CAMELPUNK182: Excuse me, you're using it in conversation with me, I think it is my business.
my big tugboat: uhhhhhhhh what?
my big tugboat: i think you capitalize stuff too fucking much. and that you're crazy. but whatever.
CAMELPUNK182: I can stop capitalizing if you want, and i could
CAMELPUNK182: *couldn't care less if you think I'm crazy
my big tugboat: you're a fucking nut
CAMELPUNK182: And what exactly is your reasoning on that?
CAMELPUNK182: Because I corrected one homophone?
my big tugboat: god now you're showing off
my big tugboat: homophone? what is that, like a queer word or something? i didn't think see/sea had anything to do with fags, but if you insist
CAMELPUNK182: No, I just don't think it's fair you think I'm a nut and don't have a reason for it. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled different and have different meanings
my big tugboat: whatever, high school
CAMELPUNK182: Such as see and sea. See means to view something and sea is like a large body of water.
my big tugboat: i don't get it
CAMELPUNK182: okay.
my big tugboat: this conversation is fucking wrecked anyways
my big tugboat: sea you later
CAMELPUNK182: *see
my big tugboat: what?
CAMELPUNK182: wrong form.
my big tugboat: form? whatever, brainiac
CAMELPUNK182: What do you have against me?
my big tugboat: what do you have against ME?
CAMELPUNK182: Nothing
my big tugboat: yeah right
my big tugboat: you had me targeted from the get-go
CAMELPUNK182: It's nothing I have against you. If I did I don't think I'd bother correcting your English
my big tugboat: yeah so what i was raised underwater i don't know english very well
CAMELPUNK182: Well then why are you pissed I was helping?
my big tugboat: because it's fucking embarassing!
CAMELPUNK182: No it's not
my big tugboat: yeah it is
my big tugboat: i was fucking raised underwater. that's retarded and you know it.
CAMELPUNK182: I'm not making fun of you and I don't think you're stupid.
CAMELPUNK182: Well, I have homework
CAMELPUNK182: So I'm leaving
my big tugboat: sea u l8r
CAMELPUNK182: Okay now I think you're doing it to be a jackass
my big tugboat: doing what?! UGH.
my big tugboat: whatever just leave me alone. seriously.
my big tugboat: i regretted thinking you're pretty and having you IM me.
CAMELPUNK182: Well sorry, Mike said I should talk to you, and I was only being nice in doing so
my big tugboat: whatever. do your "homework"
CAMELPUNK182: Look. I'm sorry you hate me.
CAMELPUNK182: I'm sorry I did anything to piss you off or make you dislike me so much
my big tugboat: piece
CAMELPUNK182: Fine. Bye. And, thanks for saying I'm pretty. T'was sweet
my big tugboat: whatever
CAMELPUNK182: What? Do you not believe me?
CAMELPUNK182: Do I have to prove myself to you?
my big tugboat: how the crud would you do that?
CAMELPUNK182: I don't know.
CAMELPUNK182: Think of something
CAMELPUNK182: Okay. Lets start the whole conversation over.
CAMELPUNK182: Hi. I'm Catherine.
CAMELPUNK182: How are you?
CAMELPUNK182: Okay, so are you just ignoring me now?
CAMELPUNK182: Okay, forget it. I tried to fix what I messed up on, tried to be nice, and you're just not letting me.
my big tugboat: whatever you want to have cyber sex with me
my big tugboat: that's fucked up
CAMELPUNK182: Okay. Don't talk to me. You're just an asshole.
my big tugboat: l9r
CAMELPUNK182: I think that's supposed to be an eight by the way
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[23 Apr 2003|02:41pm]

ok, everyone. we are going to have a cactus cooler tasting party pretty soon. 95% chance of 1249 Peden St. we will post about it in the peden st community pretty soon (as soon as it's confirmed)
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my quest is done [23 Apr 2003|02:38pm]

on the way
to fort worth with my friend,
it was in bottles,
and the bottles don't taste as
good as the cans,
but still,
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[23 Apr 2003|01:25pm]

maybe if i would have drank more cactus cooler i wouldn't have gotten sick. or maybe it would have sped up the recovery process.
hmmm, i guess i'll never know.
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name dropping or promotion? you decide. [16 Apr 2003|01:44am]

cactus cooler: approved by BEN BARNETT of KIND OF LIKE SPITTING and THE THERMALS
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out of cactus cooler [10 Apr 2003|06:02pm]

joey, we are out of cactus cooler.

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buttonz. [07 Apr 2003|08:12pm]

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what's this all about? [07 Apr 2003|02:11am]

hey there
what's all this hullabaloo about?

ps. cactus cooler made me measure the peden house backyard with my body!
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new use for cactus cooler! [02 Apr 2003|01:58pm]

it cures kidney stones! seriously! i drank a cactus cooler last nite and passed a very small stone!

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[02 Apr 2003|01:47am]

hey, joey. thanks for the refreshing cactus cooler.
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[26 Mar 2003|09:33am]

cactus_cooler livejournal profile updated.
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[25 Mar 2003|01:51am]

cactus cooler is like the beverege of choice for a thirsty scenester like me. whenever i'm at a show or at the record store and i'm thirsty all i can think of is going home (my mom's house), taking off my white belt and drinking a cactus cooler. i mean, i liked it better when it was in a bottle and before they were signed to the dr pepper label, but that doesn't mean that drinking the new stuff isn't evocative of their older freshness.

so in conclusion, cactus cooler owns/rules me/fucks/shreds almost to the veracity of fanta, which we all know is the greatest pop drink since coca-cola went straight-edge.
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